Escape rooms can be a fun and enlightening experience to bond or simply unwind. However, for people who have never actually had the escape room experience, media representation and popularly spread misconceptions can paint a different picture of what goes on in an escape room. So, to debunk the myths and false perspectives, here are five common misconceptions about escape rooms!

5 common misconceptions about escape rooms

Escape rooms are terrifying

Horror movies set in escape rooms may push this narrative but it’s not the reality. An escape room is set to be fun and interesting and there is no creature waiting to jump out or scary theme song playing in the background (unless it plays into the theme of the room). The only time an escape room can make your safety alerts rise is perhaps during Halloween when the decor may infuse more scary elements to fit the festivities.

The rooms are locked

While the whole point of an escape room is to solve your way out of the puzzle, the rooms are not actually locked. At any point during the game, if you are feeling uncomfortable or if there is an emergency, you can choose to leave the room. There are no restrictions to your movement in the room as long as your session is still on.

You have to solve the room with strangers

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people avoid escape rooms; they think that they will get paired off with strangers and be forced to interact. Unless it has been verified with you and your group, escape rooms will never force you to participate in the same session as people you don’t know. Don’t worry about any awkwardness as you try to solve your way out of the room.

The staff is watching and mocking the entire time

Sound effects, unlocking features, and pretty much everything that connects to the puzzle may need to be activated from the control room. But the staff are usually focused on helping you have the best experience possible. As a matter of fact, rather than watching to mock, our staff at Escape From The 6 cheer on players as they unravel the puzzle.

Solving the puzzles requires super intelligence

This misconception is one of the widest-spread beliefs about escape rooms and it is false! Escape rooms are puzzles that can be solved by any composition of talent, skill, and a lot of brainstorming. You don’t have to be a genius to successfully complete a puzzle. And if you fail the puzzle, it doesn’t make you dumb either.

Don’t let myths and misconceptions create a negative opinion about escape rooms before you get to experience it by yourself. At Escape From The 6, we offer a unique escape room experience that gives you all the thrills and delight of a successful mission.