Escape rooms grew in popularity over the past decade because of their great entertainment value and unique experiences, however studies have also shown that they have a positive impact on improving IQ and decision-making. Being locked in an escape room with several puzzles to solve is very helpful in putting your brain to work. As a result, many organizations and companies encourage their teams to attend and even book escape rooms for team building events for their employees.

5 Ways Escape Rooms Put Your Brain To Work

Entering an escape room can have many positive impacts on an individual, from the experience and the memories to the way you look at potential clues, each escape room will leave an impact.

Given this, it will be beneficial to identify the 5 ways escape rooms put your brain to work.

1. Sharpens the Eye for Details

An escape room is filled with small clues that will help you solve puzzles. Without the eye for details, such clues could be overlooked and missed. Participating in escape rooms helps sharpen your eye for detail, helping you to pay attention to the small details in a room that will be needed to solve puzzles. If you have experienced several escape rooms, you undoubtedly know that nothing is placed in the room by mistake or without a purpose. This helps in real life by improving your attention to detail.

2. Develops Problem-solving Skills

Another way escape rooms put your brain to work is by helping you develop your problem-solving skills. Several problems, puzzles and riddles are found in escape rooms that require different skills to solve. These puzzles force you to think outside the box to solve the problems within the stipulated time. This experience can be transferred to everyday life by pushing you to make quality decisions within a short time.

3. Improves Time Management Skills

Every activity in the escape room is timed; as a result, you cannot afford to waste time. You must be quick to solve puzzles using the clues available to you to escape the room. This behaviour can help train your brain to focus on activities at hand in real life, keeping in mind the consequences of wasting time on making important decisions. So, you can translate this experience to real-life trying to solve problems as quickly as possible.

4. Improves Readiness to Learn New Things

When you are in an escape room, you unavoidably have to be ready to learn new things to avoid getting stuck on a puzzle. Every escape room is different from others, as a result, you must be willing and ready to learn to succeed. Especially when working with your team, you learn to patiently listen to other people’s opinions to solve challenges.

5. Enhances Communication Skills

Communication is an essential skill in every part of life, whether you are at work, at home with your family or out with friends. When you are in an escape room, you need to have open communication with your teammates to succeed. You will practice communicating effectively and more clearly while enjoying an escape room.

The above are 5 ways escape rooms put your brain to work, as it improves every aspect of your life, especially your relationship with other people and making important decisions.