Escape room puzzles demand players to search for hidden clues and decipher secret codes as they go through the adventure that they choose. This activity is everything people look for in a group activity as they are exciting, engaging, and collaborative. With that being said escape rooms are an excellent alternative activity for bonding, a birthday party and team development. If you have never been to an escape room and want to learn more about them , here is everything you need to know before entering one of the many thrilling escape games out there! Down below are the top 5 most frequently asked questions about escape rooms.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Escape Rooms

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room, also known as an escape game, escape room game, or mystery room, is a live action, hands-on adventure activity for people ages ten and up. Those who are willing to participate in this game are placed in a room and given around 60 to 90 minutes to complete their selected mission by solving puzzles, riddles, and linking clues that are located around the room. Every Escape Room has a distinct theme with riddles interwoven throughout the plot, which makes these games so fun to complete! The likeliness of completion and difficulty for each game differ, so it is important to utilise your intelligence, resourcefulness, and inquisitiveness to progress through the game at a substantial rate. Furthermore, working as a team increases your chances of completing your task effectively, so be sure to communicate with your teammates and make the most of their strengths, as well as your own.

Are you really stuck in the room?

This is a very commonly asked question amongst the general public. Although the goal is to escape your given room, you are not actually locked in there! You may always step out if you need to leave the game at any time. It is important that you are comfortable and feel safe in the room that you are given and if you feel that any of that is crossed, you are more than welcome to stop the game and leave. Each escape room has a simple exit that your Game Guide will show you before you start. There are no hidden messages or morse code hints to decipher before venturing forth! Furthermore, you may also continue your game, even after leaving, but you are not guaranteed that you won’t miss out on all the fun that your colleagues will have.

Will you be playing with others?

Since this game is classified as a group activity, you will have to play with a group of teammates. That is why it is best to book your next birthday celebration at an escape room! For any escape room, you may do it with your friends, colleagues from work or whoever they may be. However, if your team does not meet the minimum amount for the people required to play the specific room you choose, you may be matched with additional players for a shared experience. However, if you want to ensure that just your team is playing, depending on the location you go to, you may be able to choose the option to schedule a private experience!

Is there a dress code?

For escape rooms, there really is no set dress code. However, it is recommended by not only escape room employees, but past clients, that you dress comfortably, to make sure that you can move freely. You should put on comfy shoes and clothing as this activity is physical and requires some amount of movement. You should make sure to wear nothing that would hinder you from taking part in unusual events such as crawling down to reach for an item or reaching up for a clue that is located on a high shelf. Whatever you may be doing, it is just best that you wear comfortable clothing to make sure that your experience isn’t being negatively affected by discomfort and such.

Are they scary?

Every escape room is designed to be epic and enjoyable in its own way for those who want to join. With that being said, there are escape rooms that do evolve around a scary plot, but not all of them are like this. Every escape room is based around an intriguing plot and has a number of thrilling and suspenseful plots. However, that doesn’t mean they are going to be scary. The main focus for escape rooms is to create an enjoyable time for those who participate, not to scare them and make them feel afraid of joining another time.

Escape rooms are a perfect activity to do with a group of friends or your colleagues from work. An escape room is not only a game that includes enjoyable objectives and all kinds of intriguing plots, but it also is a way to get your mind thinking. Also, this game allows you to bond and communicate more with others because after all, it is an activity that needs multiple players. The main goal of an escape room is to obviously escape, but if you feel the need to urgently leave, then you can do so at any point in the activity, it is not like you are stuck in there. If you are interested in participating in an escape room, call and book an appointment at your local escape room today!