Escape room puzzles challenge a group of players to work together and search for hidden clues and decipher secret codes as they go through their chosen adventure. Because they are exciting, engaging, and collaborative, escape rooms are an excellent alternative for bonding, team development, birthday parties and really any occasion featuring a group of people. Have you ever participated in an escape room? If not, you do not have to worry because it is quite simple to catch on, especially with all the information about what you need to know before entering an escape room given below. Along with the most common question of whether or not you are truly trapped in an escape room, here are some of the most frequently asked questions among those who want to try escape rooms.

Answering Your Top Question: Am I Really Locked In The Escape Room?

Am I really locked in the escape room?

The proper and only answer to this question is no! You may always step out if you need to leave the game at any time. Whether you need to go to the washroom or have other matters to attend to, you can exit the escape room for whatever the reason may be. Each escape room has a simple exit that your Game Guide will show you before you start and it is their responsibility to allow you to leave when you want to. There are no hidden messages or morse code hints to decipher before venturing forth! Furthermore, you can also enter the room again, like after going to the washroom and such, but it has to be within the time of your session.

What’s the dress code for escape rooms?

There is no set dress code, however you should dress comfortably and move freely. This is because you may have to bend down or look for clues in areas that are not at your usual eye level. With that being said, you may want to put on comfy shoes and clothing, like joggers, a hoodie and other casual sportswear. It is recommended by employees at escape rooms, as well as those who have done so before, to wear nothing that would hinder you from taking part in unusual events such as crawling, squatting and such. However, if you don’t want to crawl or shimmy, there are various games that provide you with your preferences!

Are escape rooms claustrophobic?

Escape rooms have been created to cater to all participants and their likings, so that no matter who you are, you are bound to have an amazing time. Game guides carefully choose player maximums for each game to ensure that everyone has enough space at all times during the experience. By doing this, the game guide, as well as the employees at the escape room, are preventing people from tripping onto each other or being uncomfortable while playing. Having said that, you will not only be comfortable at your selected escape room that is full of fun, but your safety is also ensured.

Are escape rooms physically demanding?

Despite the fact that you should dress for mobility, no exceptional abilities or agility are necessary. You won’t be doing extreme physical activity that will leave you tired and sweaty after you complete the escape rooms. This activity requires insightful thinking and will work out your brain, rather than your actual body. That’s what makes this activity so fun and yet very challenging! Each encounter that you experience is a game of wits. Warming up your intellect with riddles and puzzles is preferable to warming up your body with pushups and a 2-mile jog when it comes to escape rooms.

Am I going to be sitting, doing a generic puzzle in an escape room?

If you are wondering if you will be stuck sitting down and doing boring puzzles, don’t worry, you definitely won’t be! This immersive experience enables you to enter realms that you have only seen on TV. There will be various games that will make you feel like you are in an action movie rather than being stuck doing a sudoku puzzle or something along those lines. There are various activities that will challenge you to walk around and search for the clues, while communicating with your teammates to ultimately complete the challenge. Whatever the activity may be, you will end up feeling like a hero at the end of it.

Escape rooms is one of the many team building activities out there, but what makes it so special, is how challenging, yet enjoyable it is! It is immersive and allows you to feel like you are actually in the scenario that you are given. With that being said, it is best that you dress comfortably, even though this activity is not very physically demanding because you definitely won’t be stuck doing a generic puzzle while sitting down. Also, these rooms are not claustrophobic, but if you do feel uncomfortable or simply have something else to do, you can ask to leave the room at any point in time. Escape rooms are a great activity that you should try out with you and your friends/colleagues!