Working with or amidst a team is an experience everyone must have at one point or the other in life. However, many people in workplaces and other human settings generally avoid team-building exercises because they consider them to be quite demanding and exhausting.

5 Team Building Activities Your Team Would Actually Love

Contrary to this, there are lots of team building activities that are lovable. Some take a few minutes, others hours but in any case, they all add to the teamwork skills and abilities of the participants. As a result of this, we will be considering five of such exercises that are good for every team worker.

Here are 5 fun team building activities for work:

1. Truth and Lies

Truth and lies is a very simple game that fosters team spirit by encouraging team members to open up to one another. Playing the game is quite easy and straightforward as it requires no special procedure of any sort. Teams just gather together in a close environment and every member says three truths and a lie about themselves. Other members will have to figure the lie out of the four statements. The game needs not more than 15 participants and it should last around 30 minutes.

2. Odd Couples

This is another team building game that needs like 6 to 20 participants to get going. Usually, on every team, there are often people with conflicting personalities but at times, such people will still have a few things in common. What this game does, therefore, is to allow such team members to understand both their differences and commonalities which is good for the overall spirit of the team.

3. Make Your Own Movie

This activity is geared towards creativity among team members. It is straightforward but requires a considerable amount of time (like two to eight hours). What team members need to do is come up with their movie so that means certain equipment such as tripods, microphones, and cameras would be needed. One interesting thing about this game is that it can be done both outdoors and indoors. It doesn’t only encourage creativity, it also promotes collaborative efforts and team spirit among the participants.

4. Team Emblem

Team emblem is an activity with similar objectives as that of Make Your Own Movie. The team building game is however more suitable for smaller teams unlike the former which is for large groups. The game is also straightforward and easy to understand. Team members are divided into small teams and each team will be charged with the task of creating a unique emblem for their team. Thus, this activity helps to engender creative thinking, collaborative spirit as well as a sense of oneness and a common identity among the players.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle

This game is always simple but still deceptive. It is also a good activity that allows you to make use of escape rooms. The whole team is divided into smaller sub-teams, put in escape rooms and asked to complete a puzzle within given time limits. Sometimes, some of the puzzles are with some opposing team which means the game forces people to work together. Thus, it is also good for encouraging a common team spirit among the participants.