“That was actually so much fun!”  – This is the number one comment we hear from corporate participants after they’ve exited one of our escape rooms.

Let’s be honest, employees are not always looking forward to corporate team-building events.  While traditional team-building events certainly have their place, they can be tedious, anxiety-provoking and dare we say it….boring at times.  

Escape Rooms for Your Next Corporate Team Building Event or Holiday Party
Escape Rooms for Your Next Corporate Team Building Event or Holiday Party

Here are some reasons to visit us for your next team-building event or holiday party:

15% OFF: We offer a 15% discount for groups of 15 participants or larger, available all day Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays before 5pm. 

FREE MEETING ROOM: After the escape room experience, reserve our meeting room free of charge for 1 hour. You and your group are free to order-in or bring any food and/or drinks you’d like. 

LARGE GROUP ACCOMMODATION: With a capacity of up to 40 participants at once, Escape From the 6 is the ideal venue for corporate gatherings of all sizes. 

NEWLY RENOVATED LOBBY SPACE WITH ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES:  Enjoy our large, comfy lobby space filled with entertainment options, including ping pong, jumbo Jenga, and foosball – perfect for before or after your escape room experience.

PLAY AS A HEAD TO HEAD CHALLENGE: Create a competitive atmosphere among teams as they race against the clock to escape identical rooms, adding an extra level of excitement to your corporate team building event.

HOLIDAY PARTY PERFECT:  Incorporating an escape room adventure with a holiday party is an ideal way to create lasting memories, reward your team for their hard work, and inspire them for the year ahead. 

TEAMWORK AMPLIFIED: Our escape rooms are expertly designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. This makes them perfect for corporate team building. 

DIVERSE AND ENJOYABLE THEMES: Our carefully crafted escape room themes offer a range of immersive and exciting experiences, without any horror or intense elements. We also have an accessible escape room and can accommodate many different needs.

To discuss the details and availability, please feel free to reach out to us.  We are ready to assist you in planning an extraordinary event that your team will absolutely love!