Another year passes, another birthday party to plan. Have you exhausted all of your ideas and are ready for something new?  A Birthday party at Escape From the 6 is a unique and exciting way to celebrate your child’s special day, as well as engage their friends and classmates in working together in a safe and tactile environment. Here are some tips to help with your planning:

Tips for Planning Your Child’s Escape Room Birthday Party

Some prep work to consider

  1. Determine how many people you would like to invite – Our escape rooms can accommodate up to 6, 8 or 10 people each, depending on the type of room chosen.  Does your child want to have all of their guests in one room?  Would they mind splitting the group into different rooms?  Start with deciding whether you would need 1 room, 2 rooms etc. 
  2. Choose the theme – Before you book, consider reaching out to parents to see if their child has already played the room.  If it was a long time ago, they may not mind playing it again. 
  3. Ensure parents are ok with you signing the waiver –  Parents planning the birthday party will need to sign a waiver upon arrival. This allows all of the children to participate. 

Now it’s time to book!

  1. Make sure your child and their friends are a suitable escape room group – Age does matter in an escape room.  At Escape From the 6, Ages 11 and younger require a participating adult in the room. If the majority age is 12 years and up, your group should be allowed to go into the escape rooms by themselves.  
  2. Choose a versatile theme – Horror may not be a good choice here.  Choose one of Escape From the 6’s 3 family friendly themes, and make sure the difficulty level is appropriate for the age group.  
  3. Talk to us– If you have specific questions regarding the escape room experience, don’t hesitate to talk to an Escape From the 6 staff member, we are happy to help! You can give us a call at (905) 607-6868 or email us at, and we’ll be ready to get you the information you need.
  4. Respect the recommended group sizes – Our escape rooms designers create our puzzles and game flow with a particular group size in mind.  Also, for safety reasons, there may be capacity limits for the specific escape room chosen.  Please make sure you abide by the recommendations in order to have the best experience possible.
  5. Include at least 1 adult (even 2!) in the group – Having adults in the room can make the escape room experience flow better, allowing for proper assistance while playing, while ensuring everyone is having the best time possible.  Adults should also be included in the count!


  1. Should you do the room yourself ahead of time? – This is not usually necessary.  Kids are surprisingly intuitive and can often figure out the puzzles on their own.  Also, the gamemaster will be available to provide hints if they ever get stuck.  
  2. What about food and cake? – Be sure to reserve our complimentary 1 hour  party room after your escape room experience, you will be able to bring in food of your choice as well as drinks and snacks.  Make sure to also bring in decorations, cutlery, napkins and cups (if required). 
  3. Do the escape room first – If going off site to have food, ensure that you complete the escape room experience first.  The timing of our rooms are fairly precise, unlike restaurants.  It’s also a great opportunity to debrief and chat about the experience afterwards.