The goal for most people participating in an escape room challenge is to solve all of the puzzles and escape before the allotted time runs out. But, for those that are looking to add a little more complexity to their escape room, trying to escape in a record time increases the challenge of the escape room. 

Beating your escape room challenge at a record pace doesn’t just happen without some planning ahead of time. Below we outline how you can escape your next escape room challenge fast.

How do you get out of an escape room fast?Team Work

There is power in teamwork, especially in an escape room challenge. Working as a team to crack different codes and solve various puzzles at the same time is one of the best ways to get out fast. Work together with every member of the team or participant. Break down the puzzles into bits and let everyone contribute their ideas and provide solutions to the puzzle. However, do not mistake working together for moving together to every corner of the escape room. Split up but communicate about the clues to get out of the escape room.

Communicate Your Findings

This is a very crucial tip to get out of the escape room fast. Each team member must verbalize their findings to other members to keep them updated. This is essential to escaping quickly. As everyone is busy searching for clues, it will motivate others to put in more effort leaving no stone unturned when someone announces what was found. Declare verbally and audibly what you discovered. 

Be Quick and Get Clues at the Beginning

The escape room tests your intelligence and your ability to react under pressure. As a result, you must act fast, keeping in mind that time is ticking. Immediately as you enter an escape room, take note of what you see around you to help your team hit the ground running. Ask for clues before you start, this will give you a sense of direction when you are in the escape room.

Harness Individual Skills

As mentioned above, if you want to get out of the escape room fast, you must work as a team. But, knowing your team’s individual strengths and their past experiences will help get the right person working on the right task. 

Know the Rules of The Room

Ask necessary questions before starting your adventure in an escape room. For the most part, the rules will be the same from one room to another, but at times there are special rules based on the scenario, so ask about the rules of the game. There may be items you should not touch in the escape room or areas that are considered off limits. If you need to communicate with the game master, ask what you should do. Be informed about the length of the game and what to do if you have exhausted the clues available to you.