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Escape rooms are fun, engaging challenging, and extremely popular team games that require you to use a variety of senses and skills. The main purpose of the game is to work with your team to uncover clues, solve puzzles and riddles and escape from the room you are locked in before your time runs out. 

Quick decision-making skills are very important when trying to escape a timed challenge. There are many advantages associated with understanding the skills required to successfully complete an escape room and working on developing those skills. Immersing yourself in the presented escape room scenario is the first skill needed, below we cover 6 other skills that are needed to get out of any escape room.

Skills you'll need to get out of any escape roomBrainstorm 

In this game, you have to do something different from usual. They need people to think outside of the box. And people need to use their teamwork to accept different challenges. Here, you have to use some critical puzzle-solving skills through which you will get a chance to escape. 


Escape rooms can really bring out the competitive nature in their participants, and this will also drive them to continue pushing forward. In some escape room scenario, you are actually competing against another group in another room and in others you are competing against the clock and the room itself.


There are a lot of items and potential clues scattered around an escape room, this can actually distract you from the task at hand or the current puzzle you are working on. Being able to focus on solving the puzzle in front of you to be able to move on to the next puzzle is important. Distractions ultimately cost you time and can lead to you not escaping.

Think Creatively 

Escape rooms are completely complex puzzles and rarely do you ever move straight forward. Being able to think outside the box and brainstorm possible ways through which you can escape is an asset. Looking at puzzles or clues from different perspectives, and reading between the lines of messages to unlock solutions will help you move through puzzles quicker.


Be aware of everything around you every step of the way is extremely helpful. You never know when you need to find an item you passed several minutes ago, or how helpful it is when you can easily notice something that looks out of place. Looking on top of, underneath, and behind objects is often needed to solve clues.


Escape room challenges are almost always taken by groups of 4 or more teammates, and utilizing your ability to divide and Concours puzzles is a key to escaping in a timely fashion. Working together to share tasks and solve puzzles along with having clear and open communication is important in any escape room scenario.

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