The planning is complete, the kids have arrived at the escape room, waivers are signed, everyone has used the restrooms – it’s finally time!

Tips for Running Your Child’s Escape Room Birthday Party

Here are some tips for ensuring your birthday party at Escape From the 6 runs smoothly:

  1. Let the kids do the work – despite the want to solve every puzzle, resist the urge and be patient!  Kids will have the most fun if they can figure out the puzzles on their own – just be prepared to lend some assistance when they need it.
  2. Pay attention to the needs of the team – each group is different and may require specific needs to be met.  One child might be struggling with a puzzle and begins to get frustrated ; perhaps another child is afraid of something in the room –  no matter the situation, make sure to offer help when it’s required.
  3. Safety first – Escape From the 6 has specific instructions  prior to the start of each escape room to ensure the safety of the group.  Some of these, for example, are“NO CLIMBING”, “DO NOT USE FORCE”, “OUT OF BOUNDS”.  Ensuring the group is following the rules and respecting the props provided is the best way for everyone to have an enjoyable experience.
  4. Choose an adult as hint coordinator – kids may not be able to judge when to ask for a hint, so they may get frustrated.  On the other hand, they may ask for way too many hints preventing them from ever solving anything on their own.  Having one adult mediate the hint asking is a great way to ensure that the kids work at a steady pace to solve the puzzles they’re on, while also maintaining a sense of hard work and achievement in their problem solving.
  5. Keep an eye on the time – since escape rooms are usually a timed experience, make sure you manage your time wisely.  Allow the kids to explore – but if time is running out, you may have to delegate tasks or help solve puzzles.
  6. Don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or redirect – If each child is solving their own puzzle, remind them to share their findings with one another.  Or, perhaps they are all crowding around one puzzle; in that case, encourage them to explore other parts of the room. Don’t be afraid to direct the group in the right direction and help them delegate tasks in a proactive way.
  7. It’s all about having fun – the birthday child may not have the opportunity to solve the final puzzle to escape, and that’s ok!  Remind the group that they are there to work together and escape as a group – teamwork is the most satisfying and equitable way to get through the room.