Escape rooms are the most fun when you win them. It is a fact that people love winning games and what better way to do it than using some tips and tricks from experienced players and game designers.

Teams that design escape rooms watch footage from people who played the game. They do this to get a better understanding of the concepts for their designs. Their goal is to design more difficult escape rooms and while watching the footage to get inspired. Designers also pick up on some behaviours that almost every time, help in winning the game.

Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games

Here are 5 tips & tricks to win escape room games:

1. Thorough Search

When you are looking for clues make sure to investigate and touch everything in the room. The solutions or key clues can be hiding in the most unexpected places. You can find them hidden inside of books, tucked in coats, behind doors, taped to a ceiling fan or in a secret floor compartment. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will definitely increase your chances of winning. Instead of sitting still, try to search the place like you are searching for your credit card or car keys.

2. Divide & Conquer

To win the game, you must separate with your teammates and take on different tasks or search areas. Dividing and conquering is the best method for winning escape rooms. You can choose the tasks or searching areas depending on your character’s strengths and weaknesses. Some people also put team leaders who supervise the searching process of each individual, but maybe that would be going a little too far.

3. Teamwork

To find the solution quickly, other than focusing on your results and findings; you must also focus on the ones of your teammates. Listen to what they have found out or to their ideas. Try to link them to some of your own. Communicate with each other through the process, remember that each of you has a significant role in solving the escape room. Another good tip is yelling when you find a clue. This will motivate the rest of your team and they may link your discovery to something they have noticed in the room or thought about.

4. Be Active

Do not focus on one clue even though it bugs your mind and you have difficulties interpreting it. Continue to search the area and discover new objects. This increases your chances of figuring out that unsolvable clue. Remember that everything is linked and that every new knowledge or finding will furtherly explain the old clues. The more material you have, the better chances of winning the game. If afterward you still cannot solve a difficult puzzle then ask for help and invite your teammates for a collective brainstorm.

5. Organize

Every object and clue that you and your teammates find should be well organized. Create separate stashes for unused and used objects. This will stop you from using and examining the same objects all the time. You can also create groups of relatable or similar objects. This will help you in making connections between them and it also makes them available for examinations by everyone involved. Find an organization method that will suit each member of your group.   

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