Escape rooms are full of puzzles and objectives that all lead to one goal, escaping the room and beating the game. Each escape room is different in theme, amount of tasks given and the type of tasks given. Regardless of what you have to do to beat the game, all of them require teamwork and a charismatic attitude. Staying determined throughout the duration of your escape room is important because you are bound to face objectives and clues that are more difficult to solve than others. To prepare for these kinds of obstacles, here is a list of some good escape room clues.

What are some good escape room clues?

Numbers and Texts

It is almost guaranteed that you will find a few clues that include numbers and texts to solve them. In any escape room, there will be puzzles varying from basic math problems that will give you hints or puzzle solutions if you solve them to crosswords and missing-letter problems. You have to be clever when spotting these clues because there can be a ton of ways you can incorporate them into beating the escape room. For example, you may encounter a sudoku puzzle that has missing boxes in it or you could find a poem that has a few missing words that could be retrieved throughout the escape room. Regardless of what it may be, always be prepared for puzzles like these ones because it is more than likely that they will pop up.

Physical Puzzles

Like number and text clues, physical puzzles are more than likely to pop up in your next escape room. You can be doing anything from untying knots to moving big or easily movable objects. Solving any of these puzzles can result in you finding a missing key, an important map, another important clue and so on. No matter what the physical puzzle may be, every last one of them is safe and you will not be injured by conducting any of them.

Light and Sound

It would be highly unlikely for a clue to be just laying right in front of you as soon as you walk into an escape room. You have to work for most, if not all the clues in an escape room game because exerting your brain power and thinking outside of the box is the whole reason why escape rooms are entertaining. That is why some games incorporate their clues in the environment of the room, like the lighting and sound cues. For example, the room can be playing something in the background that could be giving you hints or the room may have a “defective” light that could be actually communicating a clue through morse code.

Hidden Objects

Most puzzles in an escape room need to be found before you can actually solve them. Here are some tips that may help you find the hints that you’re missing to be able to escape the room. First off, you should look through all the books and openable objects in the room. It is possible that the big books and cases that you find are hollow and filled with something important that will help you in the long run. Furthermore, it is recommended that you don’t leave any drawers unopened. You must carefully inspect everything inside the room because the object you are looking for can be hiding anywhere. Lastly, if you do find something that can possibly help you, don’t stop your search, you should continue looking around for anything else because what you found could be a piece to something greater than what it is on its own.

Logic Puzzles

The majority of the clues in an escape room require more logic than actual knowledge to decode and solve them. For example, if you discover many hints that don’t make sense on their own, consider merging them to see if they link and form something more comprehensible. It doesn’t matter if they are distinct puzzle kinds; an object can combine with a visual design to form a significant hint that will help you escape the chamber. Furthermore, if you find yourself settling for an obvious answer, try to look for any other options that can be a possible answer as well. Also, it would be beneficial to pay attention to repeated themes because doing that will possibly help you find clues later on with more ease.

The reason why escape rooms are so enjoyable is the fact that they are filled with mind-bending puzzles that require out of the box thinking methods. The clues that you may find are hidden objects, logic puzzles, light and sound hints, physical puzzles and number and text clues. The possibility of encountering any of these hints is certain so be sure to prepare yourself and have fun while doing so!