An escape room is a great activity that includes all kinds of puzzles and adventures that you can complete with your friends. In order to solve and conquer an escape room, it is crucial that you work as a team and come up with a plan so that your team would not be stuck inside the room when the time runs out. To help you construct a well-thought out scheme, here are 10 strategies for winning in escape rooms.

10 strategies for winning in escape roomsThe Right Team

Choosing the right team is key to having a successful escape out of your designated room. Working with the right team does not necessarily mean that you should be with people who are extremely “smart”, but rather it means that you should be with people you are comfortable with. Having chemistry with your teammates will improve your abilities to communicate and figure out the most efficient way to complete all the tasks together. Plus, working with these people will make the activity more fun, which is the ultimate goal of an escape room.

Be on Time

When it comes to escape rooms, every second matters. You want as much time as possible for escape rooms, not only to finish the activity successfully, but also to get the entire experience. That is why it is recommended for you and your team to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled escape room time. so no time is wasted.

Time Management

Most people find that time passes rapidly in escape rooms, even faster than usual. Time management will help your team in completing the activity before time runs out. Splitting the goals across all team members, finishing all the easier tasks first, and moving around the room as quickly and safely as possible are some strategies to make every second count in escape rooms.

Stay Determined

Escape rooms are difficult to complete to say the least. You may find yourself stuck on certain tasks, but that is no reason to give up. The whole point of this activity is to make you think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to the given puzzles. So, if you find something a bit mentally challenging, do not worry about it, move on to the next activity or ask your teammates for some help.

Understand Rules

There are rules in an escape room for a reason. If you disregard them, you may disrupt a puzzle, resulting in confusion and less time to finish the escape room, or you may destroy equipment. Following the rules will keep any unwanted incidents at bay, resulting in a fantastic time at your escape room.

Understand the Room

Your designated room will have thorough information and instructions that will help you complete the activity. At some point during your briefing before your activity, you will be able to ask your gamemaster any questions, which is a perfect opportunity to clear up any confusions you may have. Some questions to ask are if your room is linear or not, how to ask for clues and what your time limit is.

Listen to Gamemasters

Your game master is familiar with the game you are going to play. These people have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors. They understand how people handle puzzles and where they are most likely to get confused. Because of this, everything they inform you before entering a room is for your advantage. Every excellent game master wants you and your team to succeed, thus they will notify you of things that will help you succeed before and throughout the game.


Communication is essential for escaping an escape room. Puzzles frequently connect to numerous objects around the room. With that being said, you could possibly stumble upon an object with a certain feature that corresponds to something else in the room. If your partner came across that exact object and neither of you mention something, you’re likely to overlook the relevance of those items. Talking to each other about what you find can help you identify important details of the escape room and win. You’re all on the same team, so there is no harm in working together.

Don’t Take Over The Activity

Yes, having leadership qualities is helpful during an escape room, but completely taking over the activity will not be beneficial for the group. Some examples of this are stealing the tasks of your teammates to do them on your own, bossing people around and not considering others’ thoughts and opinions. This kind of behaviour will not only decrease your team’s chances of completing the room, but will also ruin the amusement of doing an escape room.

Select a Spot for your Findings

Finding a spot in the room to put items is a useful approach that leads most teams to victory. When playing an escape game, you’ll find stuff in drawers, clothing, bags, cabinets, and pretty much everywhere else you can think of. When you locate anything intriguing, notify your teammates and place it in the specified spot. This keeps things structured and cuts down on the time it takes to inform everyone about what’s vital. The more organized your team is, the faster you complete the escape room.

Escape rooms are filled with intriguing clues, puzzles and adventures that all participants will enjoy. Some of these objectives may collectively be hard to complete with the time that you are given so it is best to strategize with your team and figure out the most efficient way to beat the room. Some tips that you may want to follow to become victorious are to be careful with the way you spend your time, be aware of your team’s findings, be mindful of the rules and information of the room and to work as one with your teammates. Regardless if you conquer your activity or not, there is no need to feel down about it because the main goal of escape rooms is to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your friends!