If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, an escape room is a great option that is unique compared to other activities like bowling or the movies. An escape room is an interactive and adventure-packed game that can take up anywhere between an hour or two to complete.If you have never experienced an escape room challenge before you may have a few questions, like what is the concept behind escape rooms? What should you expect? Here is some information about escape rooms that may be useful:

What is the concept behind escape rooms?

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are often completed by groups of 2 – 6 people. Whoever is participating will be locked in a room that can vary in theme, from everything including the midwest to a firefighter experience. Team members are expected to work together to escape the room. They will have to complete various objectives along the way, like investigating their room for any clues and solving puzzles. Regardless of what these participants will have to do during their escape rooms, they will have to constantly reflect and cooperate with each other to beat the game under the given time. Escape rooms can be challenging, but the true objective of this activity is to have a great time and create unforgettable memories with your friends.

General Steps of Escape Rooms

  1. The Briefing: The Game Master, the person who organises and administers the game, welcomes the players and describes the game’s background, including the time, setting, and goal. The goal is usually to escape out of a confined place in fewer than 60 minutes. The Game Master must also clarify what to do to commence the game, such as which task or puzzle to complete first. After that, the Game Master allows the players inside the playroom, and the countdown begins!
  2. The Game: Once the escape room commences, all participants must work together to explore the playroom, locate clues, solve riddles, and complete activities. Each objective will allow them to progress in the game and escape before the clock expires.
  3. The Ending: Regardless if the participants were able to escape or not, once the time finishes, the game will stop and everyone in the room must stop what they are doing and leave the room. No matter what you finished and how much you progressed, now is the time to celebrate and look back upon your successful moments during your session.

FAQs About The Concept of Escape Rooms

Are you locked inside the room for the time given?

All participants in the room are never actually trapped inside. There is not one point during your session where you are not able to leave. Whether you need to go to the washroom or you don’t want to play anymore, you can simply exit the room.

Are All Escape Rooms Scary?

The goal of escape rooms is to allow the participants to enjoy themselves and have fun. Not everyone is fond of horror, we all have different tastes, which is why escape rooms come in a variety of themes. Some rooms are light-hearted and brighter while others are darker and more scary. Regardless of the genre you choose, if you ever feel discomfort during your session, talk to the game host, so they could make the necessary adjustments to make you have a better experience.

How many players can join at a time?

Although multiple players can join an escape room at once, there is a limit of 10 people and a minimum of 4 people per room. There are recommended size groups ranging from anywhere between 4-8 players, depending on the escape room you choose. No matter how many people join, you always have to remember to work with the other participants because no one makes it out alone!

The next time you are looking to do something exciting with your friends, consider an escape room as one of your top options. They are interactive, full of puzzles/riddles and have countless themes to choose from, so no one is stuck with something they don’t want to do. Book an escape room today and have an amazing time with your friends.