An escape room is a popular way to bond team members while inviting people to participate in a fun-filled experience. This incredible activity is filled with dozens of puzzles and is sure to have something for everyone. Find out more about the types of puzzles featured in escape rooms by reading the article below!

What Types of Puzzles are in Escape Rooms?

  • Numbers and Texts

Numbers and texts are a type of puzzle that you will definitely find in escape rooms. They usually involve simple equations, crosswords, Sudoku, and missing-letter puzzles. These puzzles are a popular option since they are simple, fun and easy for anyone to solve!

  • Physical Puzzles

Physical puzzles are also relatively popular in an escape room and are often easy to deal with. These puzzles may require you to move large or small objects from one place to another. They can also include simple tasks like undoing some knots that will give you the clues on how to escape.

  • Light and Sound Puzzles

Light and sound puzzles are meant to trick and distract you. They attempt to draw attention to areas of the room that do not necessarily contain any clues but rather, lead you away from the solution. Instead, look for dark areas that may be secretly hiding your way out. These crevices are often overlooked by team members so don’t make the same mistake!

  • Atmospheric Puzzles

Atmospheric puzzles combine an array of visual designs to provide answers to the riddles. Look for codes hidden in the visual designs such as hidden numbers, letters or even arrows. 

  • Observation Puzzles

While thinking outside the box is great, the true key to beating an escape room is to be observant. Look for any strange patterns, trends or symbols that could lead to a clue. 

  • Logic Puzzles

Think logically about solutions that could help you escape. Sometimes taking things one step at a time is the best way to solve a problem. Apply the same logic to an escape room by considering different perspectives and ways you can escape faster. 

  • Hidden Object Puzzles

Usually, the object that will help you escape can be found in plain-sight or in a hidden place that is easily overlooked. Spend some time to check every corner, book or lamp in the room to see if you can find any hidden objects.

  • Fusion Puzzles

Fusion puzzles means combining any of the puzzles listed above into one complicated puzzle. Majority of the time, escape rooms involve a combination of all the puzzles listed above that have to be solved in a particle order to find the key to escape. Be prepared to think in many different ways in order to beat your escape room!


When in an escape room, you should keep an open mind. Have fun, be smart and try to make your way out!