How Escape Rooms Can Teach Important Teamwork LessonsWhen it comes to fascinating real-life adventures, there are very few games that can compete with the escape room. This astounding game requires you to solve various puzzles, find clues, complete different tasks, and unravel numerous riddles within a set time. In most cases, the escape room requires about 2 to 8 players to participate.

Not only is this game fun and enjoyable for people of all ages but it also helps to teach important lessons. The main lesson it instills in participants is teamwork and collaboration. In fact, many companies and groups have used escape rooms to foster teamwork among their employees. Here some ways escape rooms can teach the essential lesson of teamwork:

  • It promotes proper distribution of responsibilities among the players

Teamwork among co-workers, students, or peers usually involves a division of responsibilities. Unfortunately, lots of teams have issues distributing work fairly amongst themselves. Some people tend to do more work than others. As a result, teams may not be able to work together successfully.

However, when you are participating in an escape room, you have no choice but to delegate tasks among all players. As some players are looking for ways to solve mathematical puzzles, others will be dealing with physical tasks. This can also be extended to work, academics, and other areas where people need to work together.

  • It encourages effective communication

Escape rooms help demonstrate teamwork by encouraging effective communication. Since there are lots of tasks that need to be completed in order to escape, every team member must communicate effectively with each other. Whether you have found a clue or you just want another player to assist you to accomplish a task, you have to communicate.

The improved communication gained from escape rooms can also help areas that require teamwork. People will be more open to passing relevant messages to their team members as they now understand what they can achieve through effective communication.

  • It teaches cohesiveness

In escape rooms, everyone shares a common goal: trying to find a way out of the room as fast as possible. This creates an increased sense of urgency and need to work together. Thereby, enhancing cohesiveness among all team members. Over time, this will translate to other activities that the team is involved in by promoting the idea of working towards a common goal.

  • It teaches team members to work efficiently

Any task done with a team that works well together is more likely to be done efficiently. However, in order for tasks to be done efficiently, team members need to understand what it means to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with each other. Every person has a different method to getting work done. By having employees participate in an escape room they can better understand what it means to achieve goals together. 


As you can see, escape rooms are an effective and amazing way to help people learn the value of teamwork. If you are looking to improve the dynamic of your team, encourage your coworkers to play this game today!