Escape rooms are becoming a popular option for people of all ages! Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they are also incredibly beneficial at teaching many important skills. If you are interested in trying an escape room today, keep reading below to learn more about the amazing benefits.

What benefits are there from escape rooms?1. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Many of the challenges and puzzles in escape rooms require you to practice your fine motor skills. This can help improve your spatial awareness as well as your hand-eye coordination. Having improved fine motor skills is beneficial for everyday activities like writing with a pen, brushing your teeth and even doing up buttons. As we age, our fine motor skills may not be as good as they once were, which is why it is important to practice and improve them.

2. Improves Social and Communication Skills

Another benefit that an escape room offers is allowing participants to work together to solve puzzles and challenges. This promotes communication amongst the group and improves their social skills. When groups of people like coworkers or friends go to an escape room they get a chance to bond and learn more about each other. This ultimately improves their communication, problem-solving and social skills.

3. Enhances and Boosts Memory Capacity

Due to the complicated and difficult tasks that are put in escape rooms, it helps to improve people’s memory capacity. The puzzles help to challenge the brain to remember recurring patterns, symbols or words which can help with memory recall and pattern recognition. In fact, many participants remark that they usually remember symbols and signs better after taking part in an escape room game. 

4. Enables Decisiveness

 A large percentage of people that participate in an escape room end up learning something new, which can be transferred to real-world situations. Due to the urgency required to get out of the escape room, participants think very fast and make decisions that are crucial to successfully completing the game. As a result, many people who have tried an escape room learn the skill of being able to make quality decisions by processing a lot of relevant information within a short period of time.

5. Improves Productivity in a Group or Individual Setting

If a team, such as coworkers or students, attend an escape room they learn to communicate, brainstorm, analyze, and make quality decisions together, which can increase their overall productivity. This is true for individuals as well, as they can make quality decisions faster.


Escape rooms are an amazing way for a fun activity to teach you many important skills! If you are looking to try an escape room challenge today do not hesitate to contact us!