The definition of fun is very subjective, as human beings have different personalities which are associated with different perspectives of lifestyle and by extension, fun. However, a situation that encourages minds to work together to solve a common problem, has a way of uniting the individuals despite their inherent differences. An example of an activity that provides this kind of situation, and guarantees fun for all is, escape room.

5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Fun
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A simulation of puzzles and random quizzes, escape rooms, are the perfect activity to meld a group of people together. Friends, close relations and intimate partners, are the most common groups of individuals who participate in escape room games and everyone can relate to the tiny disagreements that come from a large group like that. Albeit, the beauty of escape rooms is the fact that they make those disagreements function as solutions to the various puzzles you need to ‘escape the room’. Here are five reasons that will convince you that escape rooms are fun. 

Interaction and engagement

It is an enclosed space, with a mission, so of course, there will be interaction. When trying to solve the puzzles you will have to engage with one another and that’s bound to bring about some laughter. In the process of solving the puzzle, you also get to learn about the other person’s strengths and lapses.  

Think outside the box

Escape rooms force you to be creatively minded because some of the puzzles require the most bizarre answers. While sharing these seemingly implausible ideas, you can get a glimpse of some inner quirky thoughts of your partner, which makes it all the more fun for you. 

Little victories 

The entire escape room involves several puzzles and finding the right solution to some of the puzzles can actually have you screaming and dancing. The most unscripted moments of eureka and euphoria make for a truly fun time in an escape room.


Every step of the way, you need to check with your partner(s) to know how far you’ve gone as a team. Naturally, that interaction will create some playful moments where people have the same, or clashing responses, to a confusing puzzle. 


All in all, escape rooms foster a beautiful bonding experience that is complete with memories and moments for days! You get to know more about yourself, as a team member, and develop your social skills while at it. Escape rooms actually give you a wholesome experience.

If you are reading this, then you must be excited to visit an escape room soon! Don’t forget to enjoy the experience, and make the best memories while you have fun!