It is no longer news about how much escape rooms can boost communication among employees and improve overall productivity. Meanwhile, the kind of puzzles provided in the escape rooms will determine your experience. If you are planning an escape room experience for your staff, here are common puzzles you are most likely to come across.

5 Common Escape Room Puzzles

1. Physical Puzzles

Escape rooms test fitness and mental alertness of participants. So, you will undoubtedly come across physical puzzles such as moving large objects in a predetermined direction. You may have to undo knots to find the clue to your way out of the escape rooms. It is essential to state that physical puzzles in escape rooms do not require the use of brute force; you only have to be dextrous.

2. Numbers and Texts

Escape rooms also test intelligence and smartness. You do not need a doctorate in Mathematics to succeed in your escape room experience. You will be provided with letters and numbers as a clue to the solution you are searching for to get out of the escape room successfully. Expect simple equations, basic mathematical puzzles as hints, and crosswords. All these are often provided as a clue to your escape out of the escape rooms.

3. Hidden Objects

There is no way you would be inside an escape room without having to search for hidden objects. You may be required to search through books, safe, and other areas in the room to get the right clue for your escape. When searching for a hidden object, be systematic and organized; else, you might not find it and remain locked in the escape room.

4. Visual Design

Another interesting puzzle you should prepare for in escape rooms is a visual design puzzle. Escape rooms are usually designed with visual puzzles in mind. All the signs and patterns on the walls, baseboards, etc. have the information you need to get out of the escape room successfully; you only have to figure it out smartly. Look for clues in pictures, paintings, and decors in the escape rooms – they all have something about your getting out quickly.

5. Logic Puzzles

In most cases, you need more logic than knowledge to solve most escape room challenges. Single out repeated themes, arrangement patterns, repeated numbers, and much more. These may be related to the solution to your puzzle in the escape rooms. Look out for mysterious symbols, think beyond the ordinary when searching for the clues you need to get out of the escape room.

Escape rooms are synonymous with puzzles. You cannot tell what puzzles are ahead of you. But you should expect some of the puzzles discussed above. Enjoy your escape room experience.