Escape room games gained a lot of popularity recently, and they are the leading choice for group entertainment on the globe. And it doesn’t matter if you already tried an escape room or not, you will convince yourself immediately this is one of the best activities for team or friend bonding exercises. Thus, let’s see up next to what is the best way to solve an escape room game that will help you with your first (or second) experience in playing this exciting game.

What is The Best Way to Solve an Escape Room Game?

Focus on your team members

Escape rooms teach us that it is best to collaborate closely with those around us. So, before you think about what you know, you should assess what your group of friends know. Also, it is recommended to indulge in the work team and work together on solving puzzles or finding clues.

Come with a positive attitude

You should always be a team player, and avoid acting overly confident. Of course, you should share your knowledge about a topic, but at the same time, you should avoid being cocky about it. Besides, it is always best to spread good vibes amongst your team players. This will give them a lot of confidence and can even speed up the process of solving an escape room game.

Familiarize yourself with the rules

Before you play an escape room game, it is highly recommended that you read all the rules. Depending on the scenario, there might be some objects in the room you are not allowed to touch. Also, clues are provided in a specific way, while help can be requested in several ways, depending on the escape room provider. Knowing all these insights will save you and your teammates, a lot of unnecessary lost points or time.

Don’t forget the clock

The first advice you will receive about the best way to solve an escape room game is to track time. While you are inside the room, the time flies by quite fast. So, pay close attention to the timer before you wonder how did time expires so quickly.

Don’t take over the game

Some individuals indeed come with a strong leadership vibe, but for an escape room game to end up successful, it is best to allow everyone to express their intentions and opinions. So, let everyone participate and share their ideas about how to solve a particular situation. You will be surprised by how awesome it is to work closely with your team.

The bottom line is that escape rooms are an interesting way to spend quality time next to your dearest friends or colleagues. It is a fantastic opportunity to give everyone a chance to showcase their talents while having a lot of fun.