Working on a team can be a walk in the park or a thorn in your behind, it all depends on the relationship between the team members. Be it a newly formed team, or an already established one that isn’t working as productively as it should, there is a constant need for cohesion among the members. Stuck on how to get workers in full productivity mode? Here are five tested and trusted ways to build a cohesive team.

5 Ways to Build a Cohesive Team

1. Communication 

The best way to get people to work right is to encourage them to share. Challenges, suggestions, shortcomings, possibilities. The entire nine yards. Give and ask for feedback, this makes the team more comfortable for interdependence as the general thinking becomes based on trust. Also, communication helps you delegate responsibilities easier, you know what the individual strengths are and where productive diversity lies in the group to be maximized effectively. 

2. Develop capabilities 

Continuing from the first point above, it is very important that the individual members of your team are allowed to be responsible in areas they have specialization. By developing these individual capabilities, you help the team members build up the confidence to take up roles they excel in through division of labor which fosters higher productivity. This way, you have a cohesive team of specialized workers ready to function for common development through effective diversity in role definition.

3. Establish objectives

A common drive is usually effective in driving togetherness. Set goals for your team, taking the contribution of the members into account, and derive plans to accomplish all the objectives. It promotes a sense of belonging which drives cohesiveness to the team because everyone feels actively involved in the development of the team through increased productivity.

4. Celebrate achievements 

While setting objectives and focusing on getting the work done effectively, you should also remember to celebrate all accomplishments –big or small. In doing this, you make the team understand the importance of the progress that has been and motivate them for the work yet to be done. Also, by celebrating the achievements, your team feels successful as a unit and will work better as a cohesive team.

5. Team events

Organize events that foster aspects of effective teamwork like teambuilding picnics/ camps or a trip to Escape rooms. In solving the puzzles in an escape room, your team members work together and practice thinking as a unit to achieve the objective of the game. Through these events, the team bonds and can work better together.

Getting your team to a level of optimum cohesion is the surest way to guarantee productivity. Maintain a cohesive team and watch your standards grow!