It can be a huge downer when you and the gang finally get together and there is nothing for you to do. Sitting around the house is not an option, and there are no ideas on how to make the best use of the time? Check out these seven things you can do when you’re bored with friends. 

What To Do When You're Bored With Friends?

1. Have a bonfire 

But don’t make it a typical one. You can bond better if you all write down your worst fears or biggest challenges, on pieces of paper and throw them into the fire. It is therapeutic, fun and an amazing way to get rid of boredom while you hang out with your own people. 

2. Memory book

You can create a memory book filled with writings, drawings, and photos of your squad. No one should be too rigid about the design/ content of the book, so you can all enjoy traveling down memory lane with the same people by your side.

3. Go stargazing 

While this may not be everyone’s favorite activity, no one can say no to a little road trip with midnight snacks to an open field. Load yourselves up in cars filled with blankets, junk and another middle of the night essentials, travel a little bit off your residential areas and park. Lay on the blankets and stare at the stars, trying to make sense of them and sharing memories with each other. 

4. Escape rooms 

For a more activity-involved cure to boredom when you’re with friends, an escape room is where you should be. The puzzles and challenges help you work together and bond as a team. While trying to ‘escape’ you are sure to have great moments of laughter and altogether fun. An escape room also gets you out of your comfort zone and it is pre-designed so you don’t have to stress about what to do, just focus on having fun and well, escaping!

5. Giant sleepover 

All your friends together, like you are all young again. Exchange fun stories, horror stories and embarrassing moments you’ve gathered in the past years. You can complete the sleepover with endless junk and funny pajamas. 

6. Organize a game night 

Board games, activity games, puzzles, riddles, the list is endless. Select a moderator and have fun with your friends through the night, accompanied by the right music and vibe.

7. Explore the town with a camera

Get out of the house and stroll through town. Visit new coffee shops and take pictures of the moments. 

This list is not exclusive, you can switch things up, or merge more than one together. Just have fun with your very own people.