Most teams that enter an escape room don’t escape on their own. These games are carefully designed and not at all easy to solve. But, with time and experience, you start to get the gist, increasing your success rates. Research shows how those that play for a second or third time have much more chances for escaping than first-timers.

5 Strategies for Winning in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the ideal place to host a corporate team building event but don’t expect to win if you aren’t truly prepared. To get an upper hand, here are 5 popular strategies for winning in escape rooms:


Escape rooms are widely known as one of the best places for corporate team building events. This is mainly because they involve and largely depend on the quality of communication between team members. When you find any kind of clue, shout it out loud so that the rest of your team is kept on track and gets furtherly inspired.

Ideas aren’t limited solely to one person. In fact, there have been tons of situations where one player gets inspired by another player’s clue. Don’t act like a boss or captain, but let everybody’s creative juices freely flow across the entire room.

Gather & Analyze

A strategy that has helped many people is to gather all clues and objects found and place them in a certain central area in the room. This way everybody will get the chance to analyze new clues and discoveries. Remember, more brain power means more chances of solving an escape room.

Some teams decide to organize the clues. For instance, they leave one person in charge of creating clue piles based on their similarities. You should also separate used from non-used keys as you don’t want any tiny confusions during the game.

Determine Roles

So we mentioned how some teams leave one person in charge of creating piles. This should be done for everything! Some ambitious teams go a little beyond expectations and even assign manager positions – a person who has the role of motivating other players and keeping things on track.

But overall the point is to avoid conflicts and be more effective. If you want to avoid egotistical battles during the game, it is best to organize and determine responsibilities beforehand.

Make sure to assign roles based on your character strengths. For instance, don’t put somebody in charge of counting time if they have the habit of getting lost in thought and forgetting. However, you can make things interesting and deliberately give each other the wrong roles.

Be Persistent, But Wise

Determining roles is really important since multitasking isn’t recommended at all. Being persistent at your job is what makes the whole world work. However, you shouldn’t act like a donkey and spend almost an entire game solving only one clue that bothers you.

If and when you hit a roadblock, don’t get immediately agitated and vengeful. Instead, put that clue in your head and work on other tasks before you. Chances are you will get inspired, make new connections and clear that annoying little roadblock in your head.

You can also visit the group’s piles and try to find similar clues. Some even switch with teammates and take on the other’s responsibilities. Another person’s perspective might refresh your own and give you new ideas.

Make it Fun

Even though people love winning games, the main point of the escape rooms is to have fun. It’s a unique experience that can be remembered for eternity if done right. Additionally, each team is different. Some are motivated by winning, others by relaxing and having fun.

So try to truly evaluate yourselves before the game starts and decide if you want to play the game relaxed, laid back and playful or aggressive, ambitious, and winning-oriented. Whatever you choose is absolutely fine as long as it fulfills expectations and keeps you and your teammates satisfied.

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