Why do you think that escape rooms are the perfect corporate team building event? Why hundreds of managers out there decided to invest in such an activity? Well, besides improving teamwork and efficiency at the office, escape rooms also bring many benefits to individuals.


Relaxing, having fun, letting those creative juices flowing…. and also improving your mental health. Here is how escape rooms are good for your brain:

Improve Sociability

Research shows how most teams that won escape rooms had excellent communication between teammates. It’s evident: open communication and sociability are a must if you want to be a part of an escape room.

This is amazing for those that don’t feel that comfortable to socialize. Being in a fun, positive environment where the only way to solve the problem is through teamwork and communication will push your boundaries and motivate you to step outside your comfort zone.


Escape rooms are basically one big puzzle just waiting to be cracked. Even though it’s much more different than crosswords (and more interesting to be honest), it still requires basic problem-solving skills. Finding similarities, connecting clues, organizing evidence, finding multiple solutions for one problem…

All of those are problem-solving basics. With participating in an escape room, your brain completely rewires. With trying out techniques you wouldn’t even think of, you are expanding your brain capacity, reaching new limits of logical thinking.

Detail & Memory

Yes, problem-solving is really important, however, you won’t get far without giving proper attention to detail. As in life, in an escape room, every detail is important and only tiny one might show you the entire solution to the problem.

Solving such cleverly created puzzles like escape rooms significantly improve your ability to give attention to detail. You thought this was astonishing, but take in mind that research has shown how escape rooms increase memory abilities too.

Stress Relief

We usually see the consequences of stress through weight variations, emotional outbursts, heart problems, liver and kidney issues, etc. But, stress begins in the brain. The best way to get rid of it is by taking care of your mind and soul.

Escape rooms are a fun, exciting and life-changing activity. Through focusing on matters entirely nonrelated to your personal life, you get to relieve the stress built up inside you.

While you are participating in an escape room, your heart rate goes up, you increase mental and bodily activity, and more oxygen travels to your brain. Sounds like escape rooms are the ultimate brain refresher!

Time Management

We all know how they work: You get stuck inside a nicely decorated room with your friends, colleagues or family, left entirely on your own to find a solution and get out. To make things more difficult, you also have a time limit.

Most of us have problems with time management. Every single night, you probably end up regretting how you organized your time during the day. That’s why there are tons of seminars and online courses, specifically dedicated to proper time management.

But instead of hearing people talk online, why not try an escape room? There isn’t a better way for you to realize just how much things can be accomplished in the span of 1 hour.

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Escape From The 6 is located between Mississauga and Oakville. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with your friends or family, a date night, or organizing a private event like a birthday or corporate team building events, escape games are fun for all.