Work can at times be a frustrating and even stressful environment. Providing your team with ways to release their frustrations and decompress will help boost productivity. As well as provide opportunities for team members to engage in activities together, grow as a team, and increase collaboration.

There are many fun and engaging activities that work teams can engage in to foster teamwork and relieve stress. Below we highlight 7 work activity ideas.

What are Some Fun Work Activities?1. Friendly Sports Match

Friendly sporting matches such as pick up soccer or ultimate Frisbee require little equipment and provide your teams the opportunity to work together to accomplish a common goal. If you want to add a little friendly competition into the mix, have the different departments face one another in an elimination style tournament. 

2. Movie Day

Utilizing a room in your office that can accommodate the entire team, perhaps a board room you can set up chairs theater style and take a few hours and watch a movie as a team. Provide popcorn and candy to complete the fun experience for your team.

3. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms require teamwork, problem-solving, and keen observation. All attributes you would probably like to see in the workplace. This makes it a perfect outing for your work team. Working together to complete puzzles and tasks in order to escape, will foster team development and provide a memorable experience for all.

4. Lip Sync Battle

Having fun and being able to laugh at yourself is a healthy practice. Hosting a company lip sync battle will help achieve both. To ensure there is team collaboration, break up into groups, and only choose songs performed by bands versus solo artists. Allow enough time for the groups to practice and work on a performance routine together.

5. Games Day

You can organize a board game day during office hours or a games night as an after-office party. Choose games that require some collaboration, such as charades. Change up the teams or pairs periodically to ensure everyone mingles amongst each other and provide employees in different departments to converse and open communication.

6. Take a Cooking Class

Having team members work together to complete a meal together under the supervision of an instructor is not only a fun experience, but one that fosters collaboration and requires trust. After all, when the meal is prepared, the team will break bread together.

7. Themed Dress Up Days

Pick a few days throughout the year when employees will be asked to wear something based on the theme. Jersey days, pyjama days, all blue days can be a fun way to allow team members to express themselves and foster unity as a team.

Giving your employees some time to relax and have fun is crucial to improving their productivity and provide them with a needed break from their regular work routines. Participating as a team in a few activities a year is all that’s needed to have fun, and build lasting memories together.