Escape rooms are awesome and we love them. Every escape room is unique in its layout, challenges, and criteria needed to solve, and it is a good practice to enter every escape room with no preconceived notions. This way, you will be able and prepared to take on whatever challenge lies ahead of you.  Although you never know what to expect in an escape room, you should always come prepared for the challenge you and your team are about to take. 

While no escape room is the same, each escape room challenge requires to a certain degree, some level of fundamental skill that will be applied. With this set of skills, you’ll know the best way to solve an escape room game.

5 Escape Room TipsBelow are 5 tips that will help you overcome any escape room game:

Pick Your Team Wisely

You don’t always have the opportunity to handpick your team, but if you are attending an escape room with a large enough group that you are required to split up, you may be able to select individuals for your team that work in synergy with each other.  Like a well-oiled machine, having a team that is balanced, where each member compliments each other gives you the best opportunity to succeed. You should take into consideration each team member’s skills, and strengths. Stacking your team with individuals that have a relationship and work well together is a benefit, but if you aren’t able to build a team that is already in sync, don’t worry as escape rooms are great for developing teams, and building dependable relationships.

Split Up and Search Everything

This tip is quite essential and it should be done the moment you step into the room. You’d have to divide and execute a thorough search of your environment. Look out for hidden doors, look in every drawer, check the ceiling and walls for possible clues. Splitting up to search the entire room helps cover more space in less time and allows every team member to survey the area and keep their eyes peeled for anything that could facilitate your escape later in the challenge.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Hints

I know it happens that teams might shy away from asking for hints, well don’t! If you have been stuck on a challenge or with a clue for some time, do not hesitate to ask for hints. However, only ask when it’s very much needed. Your chances for escape might just be dependent on it.

Communication is Key

This is one tip that can’t be overemphasized. Letting your team members be aware of things you’ve noticed or ideas you have regarding objects in the room or potential clues can be the difference-maker. Never hesitate to speak up when you see or notice something. The success of your escape goes hand in hand with how well a team communicates with each other.

Use Your Time Effectively

Every second counts! Some challenges will be significantly more difficult than others and will require the entire team’s attention. While others can be easily completed by 1 or 2 team members. Use your time cautiously, don’t get carried away trying to solve puzzles that your team might find tasking and leave other things hanging. Effective time use is important in getting you a win in any escape room game.

Entering any escape room challenge prepared and with a winning mindset is important, but also knowing that these escape rooms where build for fun with friends and co-workers is equally as important. Putting fun first will help keep the mood light and ensure everyone on your team is enjoying themselves while taking on each challenge together.