Maintaining positive vibes in the office is the key to a productive and soul satisfying business. There isn’t a person in the world who wants to work in an office where the employees are cold and distant. Apart from having a negative impact on the employees’ mental health, those kinds of working atmospheres pose a threat to the overall productivity of a firm. The best way to keep the business safe from unwanted office drama is by investing in corporate team building activities.

What are Some Popular Team Building Activities?

Here are some of the best ones out there:

1. Helping the Community

In general, people are kind hearted and warm. Some people don’t openly show generosity, but almost everyone has a need to help others and make positive impacts. This is why your employees will get a feeling of fulfillment and tremendous joy if you decide to organize events in which your firm will contribute to the local community. You can become eco-friendly, donate to shelters, plant trees, help the elderly or even save some whales from aqua parks. Think big and do not underestimate your power to make a positive change.

2. An Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms are amazing and it doesn’t matter if you are organizing a corporate building event, a fun date or a family activity. Escape rooms are great for team building as they require thorough communication, creativity and an open mind. Other than strengthening bonds and cognitive processes, experiencing an escape room becomes a long lasting and unique memory. This is because they are extremely fun and wonderfully designed. Options aren’t limited as you can be trapped on a pirate ship, in the Wild West or in a mysterious submarine.

3. Stress Relief with Yoga

A commonly suggested option for a teambuilding activity is group exercise. That would have been ideal if people were equally physically fit. Not everyone is able to climb a mountain or play volleyball on the beach. This is why yoga is the perfect type of exercise for team building events. It is suitable and highly recommended for everyone, no matter their physical or mental shape. Doing yoga relaxes the mind and body, it opens up people’s hearts and increases creativity. Plus many yoga studios offer discounts for large groups.

4. Strengthening Bonds with Cooking

There is no better way of bonding with someone than sharing a delicious meal. When eating, people tend to forget stereotypes like social class, race and age. You can choose the simple way of food bonding with organizing a night out in a restaurant, but what if you organize a cooking event in your firm? This will give employees a chance to truly share their personal lives, recipes and traditions with their colleagues thus strengthening the respect and love they have for each other.

5. Exploring the World With Movie Making

Making or participating in a movie has been a childhood dream for almost everyone. Film crews share special bonds because the process of making a film is all about teamwork and liberation of creativity. Nowadays movie making is fairly easy. There are tons of tutorials and cheap video making equipment that you can find online. Share this idea with your colleagues or employees and you will instantly see sparks in their eyes. You can write a screenplay together or divide amongst yourself by taking different roles: screenwriters, actors, costume designers, location decorators etc. Who knows, you might even win a Palm d’or.

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