The main reason why business owners decide to organize corporate events is to promote their business and increase visibility. But some events should be organized just for the sake of your firm’s functionality and health. Fun, inspirational events always shine a new light on your business and increase feelings of appreciation and belonging, therefore efficiency. Here is what to choose and why:

What are the Best Corporate Event Ideas?

Build Teamwork

Noticed some conflicts between the employees? Maybe even egoistic behaviors or isolation? Everything can be fixed so here are some amazing team activities which strengthen inner connections and improve teamwork efficiency:

Saving the environment – Make this activity at least 2 times a year. Organize an event in which you and your employees will plant trees, save stray animals or organize an informative eco-seminar. The feeling of mutual contribution rarely is surpassed.
Escape rooms – A great way to build on teamwork while having fun at the same time is with team puzzle games such as escape rooms. When you see the employees working together on solving the same issue, you will get a much broader understating of their characters, inner conflicts and overall communication dynamics in your firm.
Make a movie – Making a film is everything about teamwork. If only one person makes a mistake, it can cost much more than bad reviews. But, your business isn’t a professional videography company, so loosen up and make an extremely fun week at the workplace. Let the employees pick the subject or separate into groups: screenwriters, camera crew, actors… this way everyone will share their deep creative sides which in the future will increase understanding and acceptance.

Relax your Employees

Sometimes teamwork isn’t the thing that’s missing in business. Lots of firms have overworked employees on the verge of mental breakdowns. It is absolutely normal, especially in new companies and startups. A great way to show appreciation is to provide your employees with a relaxing and calming event. Here are some great ways to do this:

Spa day – if your budget allows, you could organize a spa day/weekend for your employees. Choose a spa resort that has heated pools, cocktails, saunas, massages… and you will immediately see a difference in their behavior. Usually, resorts offer discounts for large groups and some of them even have wonderful views like mountains, lakes, oceans…
Yoga or Dancing – Exercise is often recommended as a way to relax. But keep in mind, not all employees have the same physical shape. So the best way to do this is through less intense exercises like yoga, tai chi, or dancing lessons. A great way to loosen up and learn your colleagues’ weird dancing techniques.
At the beach/On a picnic – A classic way for relaxation is beach/picnic day. You can split into groups (who brings what) and take a relaxing day in a natural and soothing environment. Make it even a promotional event: with employees wearing custom T-shirts or printing custom air balloons and letting them fly into the great skies.

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