Most people would agree that spending quality time as a family is important for building strong bonds and family togetherness. With everyone’s busy schedules (work, school, extracurricular programs) and the availability of personal entertainment mediums, quality family time is on the decline. It is more important now than ever before to schedule family time to not only build strong emotional bonds but to create lasting memories. Studies have shown consistently spending time together as a family has many benefits such as improved confidence in children, effective communication amongst family members, and increased trust and support.

What Fun Thing Can You Do With Your Family?

Here are five family friendly activities that will have your family working together.

1. Explore the Wilderness

Going on a walk with your family is great, but kick it up a notch by taking the entire family for a hike at a nearby conservation area or wilderness trail. This doesn’t need to be a full out nature hike through the forest, utilize designated trails to enjoy the outdoors as a family. This will give you the opportunity to talk, laugh, and perhaps see some wildlife. Exploring the great outdoors will get the entire family out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

2. Escape Rooms

Taking on the challenge that escape rooms offer is a good way for families to work together to overcome obstacles and win challenges, while still enjoying time together. There are escape rooms with different difficulty levels, so you are sure to find a room that all family members will be able to participate in.

3. Hit the Road

Load the family into your car and drive to a nearby town or city for the day. You can plan out what you want to see and do together before you head out. This is also a good way for younger members of the family to get to explore areas outside of their neighbourhood and get exposed to different cultures. A new adventure is always just a road trip away.

4. Volunteer

Giving back as a family unit is a good way to support your community and teach your children the importance of helping others. Local food banks, retirement homes, and animal shelters are almost always looking for volunteers to help out.

5. Cleaning Together

Not a joke, cleaning your home together as a family not only ensures that all the chores get done, it shows that the responsibility falls on everyone to maintain your living environment. Plus, who said you can’t make it fun, by mixing games, challenges and music in with the chores, the work will get completed quicker and fun will be had by all.

Finding time to spend as a family may be challenging, especially if you do not have traditional working hours. But, by scheduling weekly family activities you and your family will be sure to realize all the benefits associated with consistent quality family time. Keep it simple, and have fun.