Escape rooms are a fun, team-oriented activity designed to provide you with an interactive entertainment experience. However, there are a few things that can quickly ruin the experience for you and your team. We will be sharing with you the top things you should never do in an escape room. Here we go!

What Should You Not Do In An Escape Room?

Resist the Urge to Touch Items Labeled ‘Do Not Touch’

Many people think that this sign might be a trick incorporated into the escape room scenario. But in reality, if there is a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign on an item, you most certainly aren’t intended to touch it. The labeled item will not be part of the escape room game, so make sure you put your energy towards solving the puzzles.

Don’t Destroy Escape Room Items

At times, escape room players tend to adopt a destructive behavior. Make sure you listen to the Game Master when he/she says what you don’t need to touch, remove or open. It is also best to avoid using excessive force. If something doesn’t work, move on, if you have a key that doesn’t fit or turn, it’s probably the wrong key. Do not try to force it, you risk potentially damaging the escape room décor. Definitely don’t try and force doors, boxes, levers, gates or any other items open. This will most definitely lead to something breaking and as such, you risk being removed from the game, and you will most likely be charged for the damage.

Avoid Taking Apart or Flipping Over Furniture

Indeed, it might be tempting to look under the furniture, but this falls under the above tip of avoid having a destructive behavior while in an escape room. In most escape room games, there won’t be anything under or behind random pieces of furniture. So, unless the clue leads you to moving a couch away from the wall, there is probably no need to start moving and taking the furniture apart.

Don’t Show Up Intoxicated

Escape rooms are designed to test your problem-solving skills and team collaboration, showing up intoxicated can ruin the experience for all your teammates. Keep in mind that most escape rooms will forbid you from entering if you are intoxicated, for safety reasons. So, if you are visibly intoxicated you can expect to be turned away and perhaps even denied a refund.

Keep Your Phone Out

Many escape rooms don’t let their players bring their smartphones into the room, let alone use them. Make sure you check the rules and leave your phone in your bag if it is prohibited. Using your phone’s light or looking online for help with clues defeats the purpose of the game and takes away from the experience.

Avoid Storing Escape Room Clues in Your Pockets

It is a good practice to avoid storing items in your pockets. You may forget you have them or your teammates may not know about the item, and in either of these scenarios, time will be wasted looking for something that is not where it is supposed to be. You also risk leaving with a piece from the room and potentially ruining the experience for the next group.

Make the most of your escape room experiences by following the rules set out for each game, working with your team, and enjoying yourself. Exhibiting destructive or selfish behavior can ruin the experience for you and your team. Make sure you follow the tips listed above, and we bet you will enjoy your next escape room experience!